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Earn between 50p and £30 for taking paid surveys online in your spare time.
This page shows websites that will pay you cash for participating in paid market research surveys.

HOW IS IT DONE? To make money taking free paid online surveys you must first sign up to one of the paid market research websites featured on this website. You will be invited to give your opinion on a variety of topics and be rewarded between 50p and £30 per survey for your time.

Surveys take between 3 and 20 minutes to do depending on length and complexity. By joining market research panels such as these with cash surveys you will be invited to take part in opinion surveys and interesting questionnaires, and paid once you have completed them.

All the paid market research panels featured on this website are 100% free to join, they cost nothing and they pay you for your time. Here are a selection of the most popular and influencial free cash surveys sites on the web.

MySurvey TNS UK
MySurvey is a partner of TNS, the global market research specialists. This survey panel rewards survey participants with points that can be exchanged for Nectar Card Points, Amazon Vouchers, Donations to Charities and more (detailed in the rewards section on their website). After registering you should start recieving surveys where you can give your opinion on new products, services, governments, organisations and more.
More about MySurvey
YouGov UK Surveys
YouGov pay members for taking surveys, opinions and polls on a variety of subjects on life in the UK. Taking surveys rewards either with cash or the chance to win hundreds of frequent cash prizes. Sign up gets you £1 right away and each survey pays between 50p and £10. On average there are between 5 and 15 surveys each month.
More about YouGov
Global Test Market gives you the opportunity to get paid for influencing market research on a global scale. Points are earned for ever survey completed. Approximately £1 to £3 equivalent is paid for each survey depending on length. Points can also be used to enter sweepstakes to win daily and monthy cash prizes. Paid surveys will be about movies, restaurants, cars, products, events and many interesting topics.

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UK Paid Surveys List for 2012

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You can earn some money giving your opinion on stuff. You know, if you ever get bored over the summer and fancy a few extra quid.

Market research companies will actually pay you for answering questionnaires, otherwise known as paid surveys. It’s just a few pages of questions, some of them multiple choice, that are offered to you to fill in for some money.

It’s your time. You don’t want to waste it, right? Do something good with your brain. Check out what these surveys are all about by signing up to them.

Basically, companies and organisations the world over really want to know what people think of things. Things like products, services, television programs, newspapers, radio, technology, shopping… They want your thoughts on stuff you’ve used, and what you like or dislike. All pretty easy questions.

You click on ‘sign up’ and fill in your details so they know where to send your payment. These sites are trusted by us and they have their own privacy policies so don’t worry. Privacy is important to them, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t suggest them.

Once you are a member, which is all completely free and takes less than 5 minutes by the way, you are then ready to be invited to take surveys! Each survey site or ‘panel’ has it’s own way of doing things but generally a questionnaire will be presented with a reward next to it. Sometimes an estimated time to complete will also be shown to help you choose whether to take it.

Here is a useful list of top paid surveys available to the UK that are offering cash rewards right now!

We hope you find this list handy. That should be more than enough to go off. We will update this list throughout 2012 to make sure there are still available places.

MySurvey UK

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Rewards: MySurvey Points, Paypal, Vouchers

Prizes: £2,000 Quarterly Prize draw

Age: 16+

Join in: United Kingdom, Canada

Companies use MySurvey for market research and in-turn they pay participants for filling in surveys. The surveys cover a wide range of things that people have experienced such as services used, products seen, advertisements on television or in newspapers and general experiences with products.

Public bodies and the government are also interested in peoples views and attitudes and what they are currently thinking.  Anyone who takes online surveys has an opportunity to influence big things that happen in the world.

After helping them gather this information they are able to make better products and improve services for the participant and everyone.

Free registration will get you a place on the panel then you will be invited to take surveys. The amount of invitations you get depends on your age, gender, profession, members in your household and many other factors.

MySurvey Points can be redeemed on their website for many rewards such as Nectar Points, Amazon Vouchers and donations to charities.

Join MySurvey in your country: United Kingdom, Canada

Online Surveys That Pay You Money

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A well known way of making money online is by taking surveys.

By signing up to specially selected survey sites you will be emailed surveys each paying between $1 (50p) and up to £30 ($50) or sometimes more.

If you did just 1 cash paying survey every day for a month you would come out with an average of £30 or $60. Surveys that pay around £100 each are rare but you may be offered this if you are selected.

Surveys that pay you for your time answering questions are a good way of earning extra cash online as it can be done in your spare time at home or anywhere that has an internet connection.

How Does It Work?

  • Market research companies ask questions on behalf of companies and businesses around the world.
  • They will ask you questions about services, products and brands that you use and pay you money for the time.
  • It’s quite an easy thing to get into and doesn’t require any money from you. It’s completely free.
  • People take surveys online because they want to make money with their computer.

You can do the same. By filling in as many surveys that come your way, you too can be earning money from home.

  • First it is best to find a website that has all the survey sites information for free. There are some that ask you for money, but let’s avoid these as you can find it all out for free here.
  • Next, choose a survey site that you can sign up to from your country. There are plenty of them.
  • As well as surveys that pay cash there are also surveys that pay vouchers and offer big cash prizes. But for now we can focus on the cash ones because we want paying!
  • Once you have chosen a trusted survey site such as Global Test Market, YouGov, Toluna, Opinion Outpost or American Consumer Opinion, you can register for free. It will only take a few minutes and usually requires confirming your email address.

Tip: Set up a separate email account with a service like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail just for signing up to survey sites. This makes it easier when you do surveys.

Sometimes these sites require a profile questionnaire to be filled out during registration. This may take between 10 and 20 minutes but is well worth it as it means you will get sent more surveys over time.

  • After signing up and registering on a few survey sites you will start getting invitations emailed to you. Each will say how much is paid for completing the surveys before taking them.

The other way of finding surveys on the sites you registered on is to log into the account. In the account will be a list of surveys waiting to be filled in. Either check here or check your email regularly for surveys that pay cash.

Done some surveys, now what?

Keep on doing them! Each survey site will have their own amount you have reach before they pay you. Some want you to earn $50 until they send a cheque in the mail. Others only require you earn £10 before they pay with Paypal or directly into a bank.

Once you have taken enough surveys, you will be able to claim your money. This makes it important to have your current and up to date address and email details on your account.

Huge directory of paid surveys sites is available here worldwide. Alternatively visit Surveys That Pay You for a selection of cash surveys only in UK and USA.

Free Paid Surveys – Make Money Online Guide

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It just so happens that you can easily get paid survey offers for free. There are some services that will charge you for their information but the instructions on how to make money online are essentially the same as this article.

This is ground breaking information; there is no other way you can make more from taking surveys on the internet.

For zero cost and minimal effort you can start making money online today.

You can typically earn $2 to $5 for every market research survey you take online.

Some surveys will pay up to $50 and sometimes you get sent products to try out.

Here are some simple steps on where to get free paid surveys online.

  1. Visit a survey sites directory such as the ones below.
  2. Choose your country
  3. Pick one of the survey offers and click
  4. Fill in and register your details
  5. Confirm you email address
  6. Fill in profiles for extra rewards
  7. Start filling in surveys and earn cash

As you can see within 7 steps you can start filling in surveys online, it’s not difficult, anyone can do it and it will probably take you less than 10 minutes.

I signed up but I am not getting many surveys and rewards.

To get the most out of making money with paid surveys you should belong to more than the one survey site you picked before. Many more in fact!

To maximize your profits and further boost your income amount, here is the next set of steps:

  1. Register to each one of the voucher and cash paying survey sites available to your country
  2. Confirm all email addresses
  3. Fill in extra profile information, if any (for more surveys)
  4. Get ready to receive loads of survey invitations

By following these simple steps you will open yourself up to the maximum amount of survey opportunities. This is the best way to get the most money out of taking surveys online; there is no other way of doing this.

After following these steps for setting up your streams of surveys for cash, you can now start filling them in. On average, each will take from 5 to 15 minutes but this largely depends on how many questions and pages there are.

You would be kidding yourself if you thought making money from surveys was an easy job. Like any way of making money, you have to earn it. On the positive side you can work from home and get paid while sitting on your sofa watching TV.

About the Author

Visit the comprehensive directory of Free Paid Surveys sites for your country. For survey opportunities, check out free online surveys worldwide. John Selector runs the free website called You can follow JohnSelector on Twitter.

Global Test Market

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Global Test MarketRewards: Cash £1 – £3 or  $2 – $5

Prizes: none

Minimum Age: 14+

Join: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, International

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